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Tell Us a Tale - A History of the Show... (Cont.)Page 2

By the beginning of 1999, Peter decided he needed to focus on either Kid n' Kaboodle or Too Much Sugar. After much thought, he decided to end the latter, thinking he could always continue those stories as part of the former. Indeed the mysteries from the "Files of Too Much Sugar" still make appearances on what is now Tell Us A Tale.

By that summer, the other two hosts left Kid n' Kaboodle, leaving Peter as the sole voice of children's regular programming at WTJU. In August 1999, Kid n' Kaboodle became Kid & Kaboodle, hosted by Peter Jones. Over time different people began making appearances on the show, until the regular cast of characters that is now heard almost every week with Peter was rounded up in what aspiring actors might classify a cattle call.

In October 1999, a local family site,, began running an upcoming story from Kid & Kaboodle. We have since put together a library of some of my favorite stories from the past on that page. AlbemarleKids became one of the many local businesses proud to support children's programming on WTJU. At the same time, the show began attracting an ever increasing audience, and people visiting the Central Virginia area asked if their own local radio stations could carry Kid & Kaboodle. Peter began sending demo cds out to friends and radio stations around the world, including Germany and Australia, asking for their input. As part of this promotion, he has continued to visit different cities in Germany over the last four years. One of the changes suggested was the name itself. Because Kid & Kaboodle is widely used by not only other radio programs around the United States, but different kinds of businesses throughout the world, it became clear that a new name was in order. After much soul searching, not to mention untold hours surfing the Internet checking for possible names already in use, Tell Us A Tale was created. All the legal mumbo jumbo was done, thanks to the help of fellow WTJU volunteer (and renowned intellectual property rights attorney), Tim Snider, and the ball started rolling. After months of promoting the name change, Tell Us A Tale, Central Virginia's premiere two-hour children's radio program, aired for the first time on Sunday, 18 February 2001. The show can also be heard in syndication around the globe on such stations as WTJU-FM Charlottesville, WTUL-FM New Orleans, WLLO-FM New Hampshire, KACR-FM Auburn (Washington State), WRFA-FM Jamestown (NY), KRFC-FM Fort Collins, KFSL-FM Oregon, KXRJ-FM Russellville, WVEW-FM Brunswick (Vermont), WOOL-FM (Vermont/New Hampshire), Radio Geneva (NY), GoldRush-1440 New Zealand, 3NRG-Sunbury (Victoria, Australia), CJSF-British Columbia (Canada), CJUM-Manitoba (Canada), Radio Lillooet-British Columbia (Canada), Radio OH!Zone (Taiwan), and RTE Junior (Radio Ireland).

One of the other changes suggested was to make the program also available in 30, 60 and 90 minute formats; which we did the first few years, although now only offer thirty minute programs. As part of, you can listen to each of the stories from the most recent show. Just click on one of the old fashioned radios at the right side of each page of to hear my favorite stories of the week, or visit the past stories page to hear all of them.

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