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Tell Us a Tale - A History of the Show...Page 1

Tell Us A Tale, the only children's radio program in Central Virginia, heard every Sunday from noon to 2 pm on WTJU 91.1 FM, has gone through several changes over the years; the most recent one being its change in name from Kid & Kaboodle. When the show first went on the air in the autumn of 1992 on WTJU, it was a one hour program of music and a few stories, called Kid n' Kaboodle. It was the first time there was a regularly scheduled weekly children's program on WTJU. Prior to that, there had been special holiday and children's music shows during the Folk Departments's annual fund drive hosted by the now station manager of WTJU, then volunteer, Charles W. Taylor, III, or "Uncle Chuck" as he was known for those programs. Different hosts came and left during those first few years of Kid n' Kaboodle. Peter Jones came on board in the spring of 1996, when he began doing an occasional show with his friend and brief storytelling partner, Morgan Simone Daleo, co-creator (along with Peter) of the too soon concluded "Made To Order Theatre". By October of that year, Peter produced and hosted his first Kid n' Kaboodle. He became one of six co-hosts, meaning he had a show every couple of months. Peter still helped out occasionally on Morgan's shows, where one of his favorite characters, Mortimer Catchastar the Elf, made his first major appearance during a holiday show. It was then that we learned Mortimer loved to sing opera with Luciano Pavarotti.

In December 1997, Peter began producing an original half hour comedic mystery, Too Much Sugar. He wrote and produced original stories for both radio programs. One of the many upsides to the comedic mystery was the infusion of actors willing to help read stories on Kid n' Kaboodle. One of the actors in particular, Jen Hoffman, began showing up on a regular basis in both shows.

While the other hosts continued with the established format of playing music and the occasional tale, Peter continued writing stories that somehow involved the musical selections. One story took his friend, Marshall Chase, and him on an imaginary train trip across the United States. They visited different historical spots along the way, including the obvious choice of Lawrence Welk's birthplace in North Dakota. The only problem that arose was when they got to California, and the hour long program was over. Had they only had another hour, they might have made it back to Virginia. In the autumn of 1998, that opportunity came about.

In October of that year, the hosts of Kid n' Kaboodle were given the chance to jump from a one hour format, to two hours each week. Around this time, three of the original six co-hosts chose to take a leave of absence from the show. As a result, Peter began to pick up more slots, often doing three shows a month. Because of the show now running two hours a week, not to mention the time involved in writing, directing, and producing the comedic mysteries of Too Much Sugar, Peter's Kid n' Kaboodle format eventually changed from original stories, to the reading of others' published tales, with music still complementing each story.

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